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VDS Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services

VDS Construction provides a wide range of general and specialised carpentry services throughout the Central Coast region.

Our reputation for excellence rests on the timely delivery of all construction and building services to an exceptional standard of workmanship including:

  • Residential and commercial structural work

  • Building maintenance and office or retail fit-outs

  • Stairways

  • Kitchen cabinetry

  • Floors, ceilings, window and door frames, architraves, and cupboards or wardrobes


VDS Constructions is the Central Coast carpentry team of choice for any project requiring superior quality results and excellent service at fair rates.

A number of major building companies choose VDS Construction as their preferred contractor and our exceptional service standards have fostered long-term relationships with many of our clients.

Timber Framing Services

VDS Constructions are the dependable experts for when you need solid residential and commercial framing built to a superior standard. We specialise in a broad range of essential framing work including wall and roof framing. Framing is at the very heart of any construction work and it’s critical that you get it right.


Too many Australian buildings have had problems with weather-tightness or sagging/ collapse because of poor workmanship and inferior or inappropriate materials. Get these things wrong and it can lead to expensive repair bills, legal issues, and even serious injury or fatal accidents. That’s why we take great care to verify the correct design and engineering specifications and to ensure you have the appropriate materials for your project.


We obsess over the details so that all framing work meets or exceeds the Building code standards and council requirements while you take the weight off your feet. Sometimes more expensive materials or higher labour costs might be required but we will take the time to explain why these may be necessary.


At VDS Constructions we take the stress out of any Central Coast framing or foundation projects.

Kitchen Renovation Services

Are you tired of your old kitchen? Has your kitchen cabinetry become a bit grungy or mouldy or maybe the doors no longer close properly? Upgrading your kitchen is one of those key things that can make a huge difference to the resale value of your home.


VDS Constructions are the experts in designing and creating stellar new kitchens that combine great looks and brilliant functionality.

We excel in kitchen renovations and smaller jobs too such as adding a pantry or some extra cupboard space. We can modify your existing kitchen or create a completely new custom made kitchen using an enormous choice of materials and to suit a wide range of budgets.


For a kitchen that is a fun place to cook, entertain, and wow your visitors talk to the friendly experts at VDS Constructions.

We can also create exciting new cupboard and wardrobe spaces throughout your home that combine creativity and functionality in the most inspirational ways.

Stairway Construction Services

Internal stairways and exterior steps can play a huge role in how liveable your home feels. Poorly designed and built stairs can take up too much space, spoil the flow of a room and can also be a tripping hazard. We can also build access ramps and other ease of access aids for where mobility is an issue.


VDS Construction can create the stairway of your dreams. Beautiful materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and creative design for a simply divine stairway or a very simple functional set of steps in the garden – whatever your requirements; we can help you take that next step.

Fix-out services

We also complete floors, ceilings, door and window framing, and architraves for a superior finished end product. Maybe you’ve been thinking about replacing your tired old vinyl floor with one of the new exciting laminated wooden products? Or does your drab old entrance way need revitalising with some new doors and matching windows?


VDS Construction: for the finest carpentry finishing touches on the Central Coast. We also do maintenance work such as replacing rotten or damaged timbers. We provide a complete range of carpentry finishing services from expert friendly advice and help with design, planning, and material choices through to the completed project.

Commercial & Retail Carpentry Services

Yes, the VDS Construction reputation for quality work, time and budget management is highly valued in the Central Coast commercial and retail sectors. A well designed office or retail space can significantly increase productivity, staff and customer satisfaction, and enhance effective use of available space.


Many commercial leases require regular fit-outs of retail space. These can create stress for the smaller business owners in particular. But we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. Take advantage of our friendly, expert advice to help you with planning your office or retail fit-out project.

We’re with you each step of the way from initial design suggestions using a range of alternative materials choices right through to the costings and the timing of each stage.

From adding/ removing walls, creating new inspirational workspaces or replacing drab flooring to building some stellar shelving or storage space, VDS Constructions is the Central Coast go-to team for all your commercial or retail building work.

Create your dream home.
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