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Decks, Pergolas and

Entertainment Areas


Decking and patios are one of the most popular home improvement additions for Central Coast, NSW homes. Possibly no other home improvement adds so much value for such a relatively small outlay. VDS Constructions are the Central Coast decking specialists when it comes to creating fine decks of distinction. We have built a reputation for superior workmanship and exceptional results at a fair price. Decks are an ingrained part of Australian life; they’re brilliant for outdoor entertaining and socialising. With the addition of a verandah, decks add additional living space and even in wet weather, the children can still play outside without getting under your feet. Decks also create a wonderful transition space that enhances the indoor/outdoor flow through your home. A deck allows you to feel more connected with Mother Nature.

Timber Decking 

VDS Constructions are renowned for building decks that combine creative flair, inspired material choices, and solid functionality.

In short, yes, provided it meets the Australian Building Code we can build you the deck of your dreams.


Fortunately, the old days of using rather ordinary bog-standard materials for decks have long gone. There is an enormous range of decking materials to choose from including:

  • Merbau Decking – Merbau is one of the most popular choices for Central Coast residents, it’s an environmentally friendly choice and is excellent for external decks due to it’s natural high density, It is also sufficiently fire resistant to meet AUS Standard AS3959 and can be used in bushfire prone areas without any treatment.

  • Treated pine—the cheapest but it can be readily stained or painted to match any colour you want. Pine must be treated for outdoor use and any posts that come into contact with the ground must be treated to the appropriate level. Pine is soft and can be marked or dented relatively easily.

  • Jarrah, Blackbutt, or Spotted Gum—these native timbers combine rugged durability, high fire resistance, and beautiful natural colours and grains. However, Blackbutt can crack if left unsealed.

  • Ironbark—as the name suggests is incredibly tough, one of the toughest of all and its termite, rot, and fire resistance is legendary. It also happens to be a stunningly beautiful timber with a colour ranging from pale brown to brilliant red.

  • Composite decking—typically won’t fade or crack, is made from mostly recycled materials, is termite proof, comes in multiple colours and doesn’t contribute to deforestation. Composite materials also don’t usually require maintenance such as sanding and staining.


The above are just a small sample of available decking materials. If you’re thinking about using natural timber it’s a good idea to choose timbers that are grown and harvested sustainably (many of the native Australian timbers meet this criteria).

The range of composite and non-wood decking materials is huge, from wood laminates to cement board, and your choice of materials may be influenced by design features such as proximity to swimming pools or where decks form part of a roofing area.

The friendly experts at VDS Constructions can talk you through the possibilities and help you focus your vision with inspired choices. We can also create beautiful flowing steps that connect seamlessly with your deck. We can also incorporate access ramps and other ease-of-access aids for where mobility is an issue.

Deck Builder - VDS the Decking Specialist

At VDS Constructions we believe in making the process of getting your new deck as straightforward as possible. We will respond to your initial inquiry promptly. A visit to your site at a time convenient for you will allow you to share your vision with us. Or if you are lost for inspiration we can run some ideas past you. When you’ve chosen a design we’ll measure up and get a detailed written quote back to you ASAP. Once you give us the go-ahead we’ll order the materials and set a date that suits you for the project.


We’ll keep you informed of any developments, such as delays with materials supplies or weather delays throughout the project.

Once the deck is finished we complete a thorough inspection of the work area to ensure that our extremely high standards of workmanship have been met and that we have left your property clean and tidy.

Dedicated to Building the Best Decks.

Workplace safety is extremely important to us. We follow industry best practices and adhere to all safety requirements so that the health and safety of our staff and you and your family is absolutely assured. We also extend that care and attention to protecting your lawn, garden, plants, pets, and property throughout the project. We are fully licensed and are backed up by comprehensive insurance cover. VDS Constructions: we’re dedicated to building the best decks in the Central Coast area.


It’s hardly surprising that a well designed pergola is an incredibly popular home improvement addition. Pergolas can add so much to your home both in function and property value.


Pergolas can:

  • Expand your living space allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in any weather

  • Enhance the roof profile by adding a more balanced look to your home

  • Reduce U.V damage to furniture and carpets and hot spots in rooms exposed to the sun

  • Provide a convenient wet weather entrance where children and visitors can leave their muddy shoes, raincoats and umbrellas

  • Provide extra roof area for rainwater collection


VDS Constructions is the Central Coast go-to team for perfect pergolas every time. Our reputation stands on those good old-fashioned qualities: superior workmanship and exceptional results at a fair price.

Pergolas and Patios for Outdoor Living

Outdoor entertaining and socialising has never been more popular. And with the vast range of inspirational and durable materials available today the creative design possibilities for your pergola are endless.

VDS Constructions can build the pergola of your dreams including free-standing pergolas, pergolas attached to your home, with screens, lined or translucent ceilings, or with flat, gable or slat roofs. We can also build a complete pergola/ deck as an integral part of your home. VDS Constructions have built a reputation for creating solid functional pergolas that use materials in an innovative inspirational way.

There are so many innovative new products in the market today that you’ll be amazed at the stunning results.  Here a just a few to whet your creative juices:

  • Polycarbonate roofing—modern polycarbonate panels come in a wide range of exciting profiles and can reduce summer heat and U.V. radiation by as much as 69% while still letting the light in.

  • Colorbond roofing , guttering and flashings—Colorbond has been around for decades and proven itself as one of the best roofing options available

  • Powder coated aluminium posts and framing—real durability and a gorgeous range of colours.

  • Treated pine—is a very cost effective way to build your pergola framing and roof supports. Pine can be easily stained or painted to match any colour you want. Don’t forget, pine must be treated for outdoor use.

  • Spotted gum, red gum—great for pergolas because, like many Australian native timbers, they’re tough and attractive.

  • Cypress—a very hardy wood with a variety of colour options.


The possibilities for your pergola are almost endless but the ideas above might help inspire your pergola planning.

If you’re wanting to use natural timber it’s better for the environment to go with timbers that are grown and harvested sustainably (most of the native Australian timbers meet this criteria).


There is also a huge range of composite and non wood materials that are suitable for pergolas including wood laminates and cement board. Our expertise and experience mean that we can help you explore the possibilities and find the ideal products for your requirements. We can also build steps and balustrades that add inspired form and function to your pergola. If you need access ramps for ease of access, we can do that too.

Pergola Roofing – VDS the Patio and Pergola Specialist

We want your new pergola project to be straightforward and stress-free for you. Nobody likes nasty surprises and so we keep all our processes really transparent. If we can’t answer your call there and then we’ll get back to you promptly. We visit your site at your convenience so you can outline your requirements for us. Or if your creativity has temporarily dried up we can talk through some exciting design possibilities with you. When you’re happy with the design we’ll measure up and prepare a detailed written quote for you. Once you give us the go-ahead we’ll order the materials and set a project start date in consultation with you.

We’ll keep you up to date about progress, and let you know what’s happening if there are delays such as supply issues with materials or bad weather events. Once we have completed the pergola we will thoroughly inspect the work area to ensure our usual high standards of workmanship have been met and that your property is clean and tidy. We are fully licensed and are backed up by comprehensive insurance cover. VDS Constructions: for the best pergolas in the Central Coast area.

Create your dream home.
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